Giving Back

A portion of all sales will be donated to Ethical Metalsmiths and Crafting the Future.

Ethical Metalsmiths - This organization is "inspiring responsible jewelry practices through education, connection, and action." One facet of the Ethical Metalsmiths umbrella is Radical Jewelry Makeover (RJM), an "innovative community mining project (that) raises awareness of the connection between mining, metalsmithing, activism, collaboration and art. I have been involved with RJM since the Fall of 2017, both as a student and Facilitator during an installment at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (gallery) and now as an artist working in Virginia (Artist Project). Being involved with Ethical Metalsmiths has created a foundation in my studio work that is more aware of my impact on the environment and on others.

Crafting the Future - I have only recently learned about and become a Working Artist Member of Crafting the Future. This organization was founded by artists who were increasingly concerned about the lack of racial and ethnic diversity within the art, craft, and design field. This project provides incredible opportunities to young, underrepresented artists to help them flourish. Past experiences have included Penland Craft School workshops, or online workshops and lectures. I can attest that experiences like these can be pivotal for young artists and I want to be a part of the fight to "affect change on an individual level."

Why is it important for you to know this information? By sharing this from the beginning, not only does it keep my business accountable to regular donations to organizations we believe in, but it also ensures that we are creating positive change in the world we live in beyond the jewelry we make.

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